how – a living oedipus?

Here’s an idea to question various biases that might, in fact offer an exit into a general direction of human-to-human bias practices. Might?!? (since we are talking of childparent bias that, this text connects with a general x generation interactions.) the age bias. ie suppose that since one can not but have some kind of […]

Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots

Click to download – Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots From the talk by aharon at the performance philosophy conference, surruy university 13.04.13 –

the concept of nothingness att…

the concept of nothingness attempted to explian rather than question, writing a plausible guide rather than philosophy – a john sea… a john searle pearl! #philosophy of #society – humorous, lucid, provocative, expansive, teasing & utterly wrong @ times – #cult… – #culture of self via Faucault and medical practices linked to #philosophy in its very early version

Performance Philosophy paper – Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots

In this paper, I will use the question of doing philosophy through performative acts for investigating how, through crossing of seemingly unrelated elements, new entities of questioning, knowledge. and practices are created. “Diogenes the Dog”, the name of a human that metaphorically crossed species with canine, illustrates how such crossings produces a new knowledge. e.g. […]