and , + unable to plus nor comma?

evolution , + emergence + and , evolvingness , + emerging + , intelligence , untellingness + evolve , emerge + composed betweenNess + rising unforeseeness , unruly urollingness , unforeseen-tideness + inBetweenComprehensionNess + Uncomposed Comprehension sense + ruleFree unrollingness + , + + – , + – -+ , tide-By-Unforeseeness , unforeseeness-tide , swelling […]

how to wind imagine sense imagination?

How a wind memorably lingers unutterable connections through an imagination? For some – humans, other sentients, and seemingly less animated beings – frictions with winds are like dreams in european cultivated minds, they are perceived as personal, solely experienced by individuals, since wind blows are sensed while winds remain unseen. Effects and affects however, as […]

material + place specificity and death? #1

My parents died in the recent past. No. No? I have lost my parents relatively recently. No. No? I have failed my parents this way or another most of my life – and in the past few years my failures gained mortal consequences. Some people have graves to visit, re-ignite memories, feel some sense of […]

decolonise colone klne water sussex and aboutness?

WTF? Yesterday i went to a decolonise sussex hookup at brighton’s onca gallery. Thought the boom was meeting up, reading a text and chatting about it. turned out to be the reading and chatting ++. ++? A few things.. however, here i’d like to focus on one “thing” – safe space/s and aboutness with colonization […]

an internet from agreements?

you mean internet of agreements? the name “internet of agreements” has been TMed already. Interesting, hey? 😉 well.. how else can you get so many people, content and machines together? only by agreement? you want them all to disagree? can we say that an agreement is kind of a contract? if we can live with […]

context, meanings and power?

Contextual language as a political statement? Think Marcel might turn in his grave at the thought of political links via context alterations? Perhaps more like turn a smile? How is it that altering a context is political anyway? Well.. One of the things contextual language claims that by yanking stuff out of context, we get […]

still supporting free speech?

Free speech or the freedom of expression? What brings this about? Post-truth, word of the year? How does this link to free expression? Is it not that the idea is – anyone can express anything they fancy? That’s freedom, no? And are you free? Who is free to say whatever they fancy? Maybe a very […]

china and boycotts?

Sometimes it is tempting to boycott china’s products. The chinese state is authoritarian, capitalist, exploitative, and enslaving. The chinese regime is, in my opinion, an expression of how fascism is alive today. (together with the russian state..) Am using the term fascism in the sense that these regimes unify senses of nationalism, authoritarianism, and capitalist […]

a quick search art from various cards?

If a search from: art +scratch +cards ? i got: if if ? if art manifesto +loyality cards ? if if if art +loyality cards ? if if if each card is a sub artists movement? if each art movement and its subs are power? if each art movement […]

Goals as metrification of desires?

Occupied by capitalism? I think I am. For a while, I have been occupied by the idea of money’s exchange-ability. The numericality of currency, in various forms, which seems to make everything conform to its values, processes, practices, mechanisms, politics and culture. ie, from the question of people’s choice of university courses based on hoped […]

zizek and violence of bone breaking?

Last night on the move, I noticed an article by zizek regarding war, turkey, isis and europe. While I agree the eu deal to pay turkey is both a sad true and shamefull beyond words, was surprised to hear the authoritarian and despicable islamist regime of turkey was supposedly calling for an isis embassy in […]

a cultivation of brutalisation?

One element shared among communities I been through in west asia (jordan, palestine, egypt), seems to to be violence. Since people Say, and I think they rather hope indeed, that they aren’t violent, and at a time I can perceive physically aggressive activities all around, am kind of getting a sense of brutalisation aesthetics. People […]

tories cruelty and cultural DNA?

When a DNA might be metaphorical, perhaps its a repetition of acts of same type. When the tories of 90’s kept and justified keeping a prisoner in chains while she was giving birth, people got a bit upset realised the conservatives are a nasty party. A rather more contemporary version is cruelty to the Outsider? […]

duchamp and my floor?

NOTE: The following post, I hope, is of a thinking/considering process that might reslove at the end. Still a question? ————- A few years ago, around 2012, there was an exhibition at Phoenix Arts in Brighton where they used raw boards for walls between spaces. Somehow, I managed to get these boards after the show. […]

an urgent sequence of emergence?

Reading a bit about the emergence of matter yet anti-matter material in a collider – a majorana particle with these kind of maths – got me into emergence again. To recap: A new, un seen before, sequence/particle that is both matter #& anti matter has emerged in a collider. The Emergence bit here is very […]

middle east/west asia – extreme or simply violent?

There is a rather common view that pits authoritarian nationalism against authoritarian – indeed, political – religionism in west asia/middle east. As if the 2 kind of authoritarianisms are 2 extremes. Are they? * It seems like both adhere to being authoritarian – hence violent. * It also seems that both nationalism and religionism are […]

how can pixels visualise fearss triumph over freedom?

The image of: is rather strange in terms of both the normality of face pixelation and the uniqueness of who this pixelation is aimed at. The pixelation of facial features is, in my point of view, an interesting yet somehow forgotten element of contemporary portraiture. Perhaps more than the “selfie”,pixelation is in itself an uber […]