ghosts with rhythms of life and art or?

art linked linking? searching?

Woke up this morning and coffeed to the tune of 10k+ dead from Haiyan Typhoon.. Apart from the feeling that personification of winds gives them sort of ghostly feel/sense/aesthetic – the dead felt for me as ghosts.. As un-timely dead from preventable rhythms, as per our politicised/economised/capitalised ecological environment.. or is it organic environment?

Anyway.. these thoughts prompted me to combine, or to make imagining combinable the number and rhythms of deaths from all preventable stuff..
war / famine / fire / environment /

Hence, 1st thing that came to mind was various calculators based on data that might be out there already.. So did searches like these and this one.

It dawned on me that to do these kind of calculators, I might need to scrape & calculate the numbers myself, and adding the time element will be another issue..

Is this really what I want to be dealing with? Sure, I think that the aesthetics of premature deaths, of all beings, as well as languages (possibly), has many interesting trajectories.. However, time wise, can I afford? There are other stuff + the financial/living/food/drink elements, no?

So, given all that, is there no way I should/could squeeze myself?

Or, all these ideas are really result of certain tropes, modes of work tropes? Would I have imagined along these lines if this was 1973? ’83? ’91? ’99? 2004?

What is really interesting for me in these ideas? Is it the calculators, or are the calculators as tools for imagining? If indeed the latter, why not just do that without the extra manipulative layer? (~eg, manipulative in the sense that embedding a technology with imposed meaning – rather than keeping it a search?)

the opposite of mechanisation and organicanisation?

I talked to a few people about non non-mechanisation – ie organicanisation.
It seems interesting that a few, unrelated nor linked, people said that there are mechanical elements in the organic. I think the similarity is when organic processes become mecvhanically looking.. eg the way my hands move during typing..
However, the way my hands evolved, and in many ways because of their organic rather than mechnic material, are still in evolutionary rather then developmental process – I think that process and the Being in the process of evolution – makes both materials and their ability to evolve, perhaps not the complete opposite but an opposite of mechanic processes?