a quick search art from various cards?

If a search from: art +scratch +cards ? i got: if http://www.gtranslator.xyz/boy if https://java.net/projects/openmark/lists/commits/archive/2010-01/message/2 ? if art manifesto +loyality cards ? if https://www.cassart.co.uk/customer/mission if https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/article/ten-game-changing-manifestos if art +loyality cards ? if http://www.nesta.org.uk/dundee-contemporary-arts if http://www.dmnews.com/dataanalytics/the-art-of-loyalty-programs/article/379015/ if each card is a sub artists movement? if each art movement and its subs are power? if each art movement […]

29 Ifs and a few others?

If imagination is imprisoned by other realities – eg “do it” ongoing exhibition if imagination has its own reality that aspires, like realities do, to live itself rather than as an interpretation of itself if imagination is an interpretative If (an if that Can be interpreted, yet once interpreted is not an if in the […]

extermination sequence death summer winter all year round camp

or an imagination? When I was a child, there were no death camps made by Nazi germany. No. There were stories, recollections, memories, lives saved, bitterness harnessed, culture elaborated and evolved of extermination camps. However, the only element as far as people around me were concerned that bore similarity to death camps – is the […]

is this a sort of search art writing – or just

something that begins with death? Points of departure..? search sequence w’out rhythm? death is total automation? death is total automation within a search? death is an automation of war brutality power search automation a searching algorithm, a strand, a link/sequence of logic to search from? etymology algorithm algorithm dictionary algorithm http://www.thefreedictionary.com/heuristic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_free_lunch_in_search_and_optimization meta algorithm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaheuristic […]

sequences rules frequencies and enablers with lawlessness?

Was checking a bit about sequences in maths. eg 1,3,5,7,9 then comes..? With the idea that there is a rule, you find it, apply that and get the result. eg 2 and next number is 11.. However, what if there are no rules, not really.. There are enablers that take you so far and that’s […]

search sequences sequencing searches that collide?

I did this search and it seemed that actually I can do sequences. Most of them will be shit. Some might be possibly interesting, etc.. However, they are collide-able and addable.. eg, the sequences of an X search can be a database that can grow and bump, collide, etc…. Prob is the db sequence itself? […]

thoughts about cubes, cubism, and being? or is it robots from arts perspectives?

Today I noticed this MIT robotics development: It seems to have roused a few diverse opinions and views around the interwebs. Have not however read an artistic/art perception.. In the video, I was interested by the explanation that due to the shape – cube – the robot can adapt and adjust to various tasks. (rather […]

a museum of/for capitalism *search*?

the search is on yacy only. Perhaps this practice requires other search algorithms and databases, however that in itself might be contextual, or rhythmic dependant.. For now am leaving as such, partially because of own time restrictions.. Might update later on.. a future of words capitalisation practices? | capitalistic for search | | capitalistic […]

a museum of/for capitalism *research*?

Was listening to a Boris Groys conversation while doing a bunch of other stuff – he is kind of fun to mull, ponder and contemplate dis/agreements with. (eg, just because capitalism is using speed, means not that in a free cultural world we should not use it. Just like the fact the capitalists eat and […]

language creation art and geisha sequence/strand?

http://www.zompist.com/gen.html – checked this and somehow got http://conlang.org/resources/ which bumped me into: http://www.zompist.com/chinawords.html when notices that perhaps geisha has “art” in it. https://duckduckgo.com/?t=lm&q=geisha+etymology http://www.memidex.com/geisha – towards the end of the “page” where it seems like “art” refers to entertainment/perfomative-acts like singing & dancing.. I now wonder if this might also have anything to do with […]

art at times of alternatives and urgent crisis?

Alternative & crisis is a week long events in response to current capitalistic crisis – I think some economies are not in any crisis. This will be followed by an exhibition curated by Oliver Ressler & Gregory Sholette that, according to the English blurb: “…today artists normally avoid to work on the question of the […]

imagine the language-conversation between skateboard wheels and surfaces?

Recordings of the 2nd itteration of: how do you imagine the language-conversation between skateboard wheels and surfaces?

desperate isation of X while X = society?

With the tories in power, and the bedroom tax in place, it suddenly occurred to me that we have an example of dealing activities of search for mass populations..(?) Tories ask themselves how to create more desperate groups of people – eg social renters, jobless, single parents, etc. – so they could be driven to […]

how to kill a us president without taking their life while being a mass murderer?

How do I imagine a couple being accused of being a mass murderer by killing bush/obama/clinton – while the accuser acknowledging the people are still alive? I think this will be an interesting and worth while search in itself! However, or it might be an element of the search, the question of act & language […]

non-algorithmic programming links bin ligacow

non algorithmic as not optimal & trial/error http://www.mondofacto.com/facts/dictionary?non-algorithmic+procedure http://onlinedictionary.datasegment.com/word/non-algorithmic+procedurehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heuristic Not sure they are correct assuming, qualia and meaning production is non-algorithmic.. (transCultural perhaps is, Budhism is not..?) http://seanrobsville.blogspot.co.uk/2009/10/non-algorithmic-phenomena.html http://kwelos.tripod.com/nonalgorithmic.htm Lisp, Haskell, Scheme. All functional = nonalgo? http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111108013743AA8QQAw are neural nets & parallelograms & multi-threads = nonalgos? http://rebelscience.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/parallel-computing-why-future-is-non.html not sure how bulshit this might […]

search art – do i have a clue? are clues required?

We kind of have the Search Art text and recordings for the SotQ up.. The more I thikng of it, the texts, the more it seems other stuff should have been said, or added, or something,, 16k ++ words are not enough – specially when some stuff is missing.. We talk re people seem to […]

skateboard push and the meaning? the significance? the confabulation? the X?

Was wondering about the practice of going to furtherfield while searching for gasworks.. The question of skateboard pushes.. What did it do there? Number of pushes to begin with.. Then What kind or How to push.. A push.. Pushes.. In at least the context of skateboarding, is how the skating moves, mostly.. Each push is, […]