search and a freedom as being From?

Say a person is free to eat cucumbers, what is the next question? What that person might be bound by? As in one might get free from shackles but all that happened was entering a yet-to-be-recognised bind? That’s a freedom from, no? What about being free from freedom? From freedom itself? Say one chooses to […]

fake news or facebook’s fake are feeds?

Fake feeds? How can the feeds be fake? Maybe by containing a megaloads of fake news? But look, don’t they look to sort that? Sort? Like sorting autumn leafs in a stormy day? How can facebook sort it while relying on feedbubble? Whats that to do with fake news? Is it too far fetched to […]

suggestive or declarative? both? or

propositional? say am stating stuff like search sequence: If flying coffee or when () proposes a question category link: (ie – that these terms are not together because they are declared to be so, but only as a proposal or a suggestion where the ()s bring various ideas regarding the links between the terms that […]

marriage of a blue flute magic?

In the marriage of grace gelder to herself, she is talking about a sense of “clarity”. Marriage and clarity. Marriage and aesthetics of clarity? The aesthetics of clarity as marriage? Marriage as an aesthetics marked, or marred, by clarity? Clarity of Marriage as a sense/an-aesthetics? Reading that, something else came to mind though – the […]

the surfing wave particle life?

I am a particle now. An element like electron, or foton, alreadygoy an on.. Lets imagine I am particle ifabon – a sort of abstract archetypical element. Now.. Surf is a movement From.. Like a wave, trajectory from stuff.. It relates to Particle, being a particle, because it seems like movements From, are how elements […]

search n hope note not but?

Some people seem to consider having a hope for a better future as hopeful. In fact, some people might sort of worship hope by cultivating “positive” hopefulness. Often via actually feeling good thinking that future events will be better than today’s. This kind of process is pretty instinctive and as such perhaps important, however, I […]

is metadata forgetful?

well.. was looking at csv dbs as shown comma-separated_values_Basic_rules_and_examples seems simple, where the metadata can be made to be various and seemingly flexible elements.. In these examples these include data re carL make, year, class, engine size, etc.. However, it seems these elements can be easily modified to be more interstiong, like adding, time-links, speed […]

expression and manifestation in art and a few

lines to search how am i against these..? Manifestos seem to be reflection onto perceived aims/targets while being in reality motivators, search/terms-elements from rather than towards. I think that everything should be knitted, knittism is best!! In reality, am beginning with knitting, attempting to search its cultivational evolution – not strive to some Perfect knitt.. […]

ghosts with rhythms of life and art or?

art linked linking? searching? Woke up this morning and coffeed to the tune of 10k+ dead from Haiyan Typhoon.. Apart from the feeling that personification of winds gives them sort of ghostly feel/sense/aesthetic – the dead felt for me as ghosts.. As un-timely dead from preventable rhythms, as per our politicised/economised/capitalised ecological environment.. or is […]

search culture sorry being performance and a long queue?

Supermarkets come with queues, and more often than not, a sort of failed look out and pseudo calculations as to which might take less time to be processed through. There is also the quick, often queueless machines, but they come with a rather un comfortable baggage made of being made to do a job for […]

spectating spectaclular spectrum?

Seems like spectating is very much linked or linkedAble to spectrum via spectre and in my mind spectacularly so.. from spectate – through – (note the ghost..?) to spectrum – Scope, as a sort of Wave-extent, is more the kind of vibrations I have in mind re spectrum – […]

webrtc tools and developments? pricing?

Was researching a bit about webrtc tools.. webrtc video conferencing tools to be exact.. What caught my interest though, was the pricing of usage.. Instead of telling people: hey, this is piss easy, let me show you how. its hey, this is piss easy, let me profit ’cause I want you to know not how. […]

a quick idea for using web activities

I bumpbed into verbase.. They want to be a search engine that, like google before them, promises to be clean. They want people to use them so thayt they could use people to sell them tech for internet of things. Hence they developed a rather interesting panel that functions as a web activities central: Now.. […]

the colliding imagination search as a being of Being not dead being that used to?

Just posted to media-curating-lust and presented stuff a bit as a search, but perhaps not fully.. i wanted to say also that its not needed to specify certain elements because people could make their own.. Not just in mind but in shareable way, on the network. How evr this would have requred me talking about […]

search categories and categories vs search?

I am wondering whether it is possible to argue that categorisation – also that of objects, and object types – is actually a practice that somehow might deny the process of search.. It seems that, at least in the sense of Presentation, categories come after a search process… I am not saying that one is […]

infographics debates and point missing?

Just had a read of this pro minimalistic inforgraphics post. On a google analytics’s info site.. Anyhow.. seems like the thrust – if there is one – is that they rather like the minimalistic infographics approach/language/entity/organism. Seems kind of fair enough until bits in their descriptions/reasoning pop up.. eg – look, these lots of colour, […]

non-algorithmic programming links bin ligacow

non algorithmic as not optimal & trial/error Not sure they are correct assuming, qualia and meaning production is non-algorithmic.. (transCultural perhaps is, Budhism is not..?) Lisp, Haskell, Scheme. All functional = nonalgo? are neural nets & parallelograms & multi-threads = nonalgos? not sure how bulshit this might […]