how to make a line out of time?

Lets say i fancy making a stretch of seemingly continuous colour that evidently begins and end in 2 different places?
Something like:
What exactly has that process involved?
There are many “exacts”, each of which might be very interesting and relevant. However, here am trying to focus on time.
Could a line such as:
be made without time involved?
My mind gets stuck in the process of time that it takes to stretch the line from a given place in the screen’s space.
Indeed, the screen’s space is, in the time sense, a result of stretched lines made of various materials..
To make a line, in a sense, am I not hacking time’s movement to mark a continuous set of very close proximity dots? ________________________________________ ?
Once we get the _________________________ it suddenly emerges with its own time. It has its own rhythm and contingency to disappear in time – hence it own period. Say this was a line on a paper, then it might depend upon the rhythmic physicality of the paper, however, i think its emergent because its independent from the stroke that initiated it. In fact, it seems fair to claim that people – sentient beings – might attempt to compute the initiating stroke in direct link with the possibility of the line being an independent emergent property. Hence, I think, people consider the materials, contet, distribution, etc. that might be involved in a line after the time of initiating it hass gone to be focused on some other stuff. ie the line will have its own timee.
In that sense, perhaps a line might be the visual interval between types of time? Or types of time rhythms? ie sentient-being and organic non-sentient? Different kinds of rhythm?

However, it might also be apt to argue that the other “exacts” am referring to at the top, might in themselves be another kind of Out of time, no? Say we consider lines such as ______________ as nothing to do with time but everything to do with a sense of sace, or sense of quantities, ie how far a is from b, etc..

is this a bit mad about imagination or

simply some space-time sequence encountered – though perhaps something else?

I was thinking about linked elements, or linkable elements, and came up with a pathetic list.. However, then I thought how can linkables/linking elements/materials have their own spahen*, and that each spahen might link not just in relation to its rate, but also time-space. (eg if my spahen is 11, and yours is BooeB00e600e6003 – we might not link..)

Now then it seemed that if space-time in itself is a rhythmical sequence that vibrates, there must be various space-times that may, or may not allow some frequencies within them. This, in my mind is sort of akin to context – something I’d need to expand – but then if we are in the context element of the sequence, it seems that the next element is that space-time is, or needs to be, imagined collectively.
Because we have so many many multiple spahens, some might not link, we have meta elements to enable sharing. eg each spoken language has its own imagination that is shared among its speakers..
In latin we need to imagine elements as male/female, in english not. But in both we need to imagine a difference between inanimate and “non-inanimate” elements..