suggestive or declarative? both? or

propositional? say am stating stuff like search sequence: If flying coffee or when () proposes a question category link: (ie – that these terms are not together because they are declared to be so, but only as a proposal or a suggestion where the ()s bring various ideas regarding the links between the terms that […]

iff if but not then a potential nor speculation

Just had a read/look at the forest bridge proposal (not suggestion??) for london’s tourists, rich and other possible interested parties and individuals. (gee, this line is full of drivel, but hey, need to get on into the meat of this post, no?) I really wonder whether the making of this image is transforming the imagination […]

if suggestion and sense?

It seems that people use suggestive lingo for arousing sensual drives.. I bumped into that when checking stuff link possible suggestive lists of terms, words, “language”, and bumped into sexual references. If you fancy some coffee, or I fancy some coffee, etc. where the suggestion is of getting together rather than the coffee itself. In […]

the difference between(??)

if/speculation and then(suggestion – or is it the other way around?? I think it is the other way around, no? if – if i drink water and sugar (I know that i can at least imagine water and sugar, because i, err, just did. In the same way i can IMAGINE, conjour in my inner […]

the if ab animal/organism??

if ab = suggestive/sleepy/cafenated/etc The organism(??)/sequence(??)/rhythm(??) comes from the if ab. eg say it is a suggestive sequence: if, while, once. eg: if ab while ab once ab* * am a bit cautious re once because it might also be speculative as it can refer to a future ab.. From this view, suggestive, while pointing […]