a contingent art that imagines my body?

I used to imagine my body can not roll into a ball, hence the question was between necessity and contingency, right? What was the necessity? It seems the inability to roll into a ball? ..or a necessity for bones? However, is this a necessity – bones – or some contingent evolution that turned out this […]

where to Be in total Potemkin?

Bumped into details about the Total Potemkin exhibition at the Barn, 15-28 February 2014, Oxford. Def can not make it to the organic location, but can do the digital blurb site.. Am reflecting re seemingly minor elements in the content form as a way to imagine reflection with the way, I think, the exhibition is […]

rhythms and addictions?

just had a look at breaking tech addiction (addicts?) camp.. How do they know that they are addicted to the tech, rather than, for example a certain rhythm of usage? In fact, the article didn’t get me because am unclear if they think – forget about being – their addiction is in effect a repetition […]

art and technology 2014 prediction time?

..but before all these predictions, click Here for some relevant stuff about 2013 And more past predictions from edge.. A few links to 2014 art predictions: * a return to museum of modern art Owls department? * More media and advert oriented than art.. * More activism than art, but here you go.. * More […]

school for poetic computation and yours honestly?

Just bumped into this poetic computation school – yup another School/Edu/Institutional/ Element – however tbh my 1st reaction was: idk much about how/what they do + why didn’t i do that kind of stuff more since 95 when i did a few poetics with javascript? Well.. So in a sense, should I not apply the […]

connection exchange with smart phones/devices

Have noticed recently that devices like http://getpebble.com/ get more wide spread, or more main-streamly manufactured. Apple will have one, Samsung will as well, and that’s fairly main stream.. People think of these devices as watches. In fact, I think they are referred to as “smart watches”. However, I think, for me, the interesting bit is […]

arbitrariness, art, power, media, talent – in order

Consider the theatre of airports. The media of porting from one designated area to another. X is the spot for stateland#1. Through the medium of an arbitrary line, we have to Show a passport and cross – trans – to area Y where slightly different rules are being mediated, eg “duty free” shops. All these […]

http://arty.li/Z3S – #paper #t…

http://arty.li/Z3S – #paper #technology is it back to future?