love, kant and if?

ever met someone, fell inlove and sensed like you’ve always loved them? knowing you never knew them throughout your life? like one could tell themselves that indeed they didn’t know the loved one yesterday – and even recall that day which they weren’t inlove – yet they can sense as-if they knew and were inlove […]

stuff in time and car pollution?

Car pollution is not all that intolerable if you are a car, or a computer, a drone, etc.. As a car that has no ability, currently, to fear its own death/demise, and can not care, the question of its own pollution is a bit like that of a baby in the sense that “i am […]

the being between an interval or

the being Being in the interval being between, for example – 0 and 2? Lets go between 0 and 2. Once we are there, we are in a time made for between 0 and 2. The time to be in that interval, creates that specific interval. How? It seems simple, perhaps too simple: To focus […]

how to change time?

Evolution could be characterised as changes in time. Am wondering how time itself can evolve. Can time change? There are ideas that perhaps time flow in other universes might be different in terms of direction. What if there is a universal beat. A universal rhythmic characteristic of time that itself evolves – changes is spaces, […]

would you pay anything for this piece of junk?

this is what they call art! A paraphrase on an exchange between 2 policeguys towards the end of “the dark corner”.. They are looking at a kitch classical statue that in the story supposed to be “a donatello” eg stuff like: Isn’t that kind of an exchange usually reserved to more contemporary art-linked imagery/objects? Another […]

county – counting time while imagining it & shit?

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