givens transmittables transes transferable help assistance given?

Sayings are for fools as fools are for making sayings worth repeating?
My fool:
how to give? I have a package of memory to assist you with – this animal is my gift to you. Just a given?
Given is an interface of context through a door into time via Duchamps translates transmutation – but its a given.
Transmittable is a wave and a particle and motion and time and the rhythmicable transition of the transmitted?
Transmittability transes itself when conflated with its reference and confabulate that the trans is the ability?
Transfer help as a libidial – desire induced – practice? Ethical as a help, a truth of absoluteness, a meetup, a hookup with god when everything becomes clear. The X ethic should Be else am not – hence I’d trans-fare..
Transferability assists the notion of help, of giving a gift that is not the transferred but that which it attempts to transfer.. eg the ethical truth..Ever the ethical lie? (ethical lies are white?) White lies as transferables? Is that a truth? Is it unethical if it wasn’t transmitted? Given?

being and aiming through meanings of meanings by meaning without?

Just write some stuff re Meanings on barbicantalk forum:

 2- I have learned a lot via this exchange, so placing yourself as "learning", if I accepted that, would feel disingenuous.. For example, It seems that in your mind - I suspect the vast majority of people's minds - there is an idea of seeking meanings. ie you seem to ask, what X Y Z means, or what I might mean. In my mind, meanings are appearances not how stuff is - or might be. The sun appears to go up and down - but it doesn't. Hence I am weary of meanings..
 So when I mentioned rhythms, for example, am considering how rhythms could imagined to Be like, rather than what they might mean. Its a personal preference, nothing more - or less - in importance to imagining meanings. In fact, at times, it is great fun to experience the sun as if it actually moves..
 Many thanks for showing/teaching/confronting me with that!
2.1 - Actually, perhaps it should also be mentioned that in my view, art linked practices have been too involved with meanings.. eg, the contextual language is based on meanings in the form of: take an object, eg, a bed, urinal, a cup of coffee, etc. - change its context - then it can Be art because: the object's meaning was changed via the context. (there are the socio-economical-political elements of being linked to artworld, however the premise of being Linked to artworld is that the context manipulation changed the Meaning. Like recontextualising Mona-Lisa onto a canvass changed hers'..)

The question of meanings keeps coming up..
It seems that if A means A than A Is A. A pie Is a pie not a Pi. However, if I made a pie based on Pi calculations, then it might be said that it contains a Pi meaning. If I ask for a coffee, I utter sounds that in some societies have been confabulated to mean – transferable – into a request to brew stuff made of certain beans we tend to call coffee..

Hence, it might be argued that Meanings are in fact, transferables.. The actual life of meanings is that of being transferred between realms, entities and elements. Between times, stands, sequences and rhythms.
A is A and Can be transfered as B. I ask for coffee, and I mean just that. I could also transfer it to Mean a request for having some time with a person. You asked me to make a cup of coffee and I thought it meant you wanted a chat..

However, the transferable element in meanings is hidden because meanings in and of themselves seem to be of appearance.. Of forgotten confabulative processes.. A might mean B because we agree on that appearance, while knowing – or agreeing to forget – that A is in fact something completely different.

Hence my interest in transferables is different to meaning transing.. Meaning in itself is a trans type/kind/link.
However my interest is in transing immanent to the activity, its imagination and search. In that sense, there is here – perhaps – an extension of transferabilities? Instead of meanings, we can have links, collisions, transing, surfing, searching, etc.. that could be imagined..

Hummm something got lost here.. will be back on that..

transablities? collisequence?

1 2 4 5 6 9 11
as a strand in a collisequence derived from a shopping trip
because in itself it IS, its Being, is Trans-able. I can do it in a photo, a music, a documentary, an essay, as of itself, or an element, strand, etc.

The question in my mind is just why trans in numbers and spaces to do with shops rather than dots and ticks.
That could be a search activity, a collision chamber of trans approaches..?
My position was of a walker, colliding with transient buildings on a slow moving cerface, etc.. I can be open with that, as a narrative? A trans narrative? I imagined myself walking as I was walking.. etc.. I imagined that people imagine me walking as they watched me walking.. That is contrasted by people imagining me spying, later on, as I was taking photos while walking..
Or how to search while transing borders of jordan and israel/palestine in the desert?