if server cloud memory

Was checking an app that might store stuff instantly on “cloud” while thinking: why am checking “cloud” can it not be done to my server directly? Also Recently had a few chats regarding the peculiarity of remembering. Instead of recalling a X (event/person/object/etc) itself – it seems we tend recall Y that reminds of the […]

Deaf interperter at Mandela’s memorial could not

sign? But he could dance, apparently. Moving in Not sign, but still rhythmical manner. Seems like the non-sign-language inspired anger and some long time recriminations/frustrations by deaf communities. Here’s a side by side example of how the signing should have been compared to how it was.. I think its also interesting that most people, including […]

when X is an X for Y rather than modernistic?

Some of my sequences of thoughts regarding ROO and linked approaches, were criticised – mainly by my own mind – as Modernistic at least in approach, or even in culture.. (as in the stuff they cultivate..) For example, the idea of getting a sort of quint essential rhythm of an entity is a sort of […]

why am i searching around a javasript ish compression?

idk – really http://www.sitepoint.com/compress-javascript-with-php/ http://jsbeautifier.org/ http://www.trellon.com/content/blog/javascript-compression http://www.wikihow.com/Compress-Javascript http://www.howstuffworks.com/file-compression.htm http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6114189/programming-novice-how-to-program-my-own-data-compression-algorithm something about transing rather than conversion/compression? maybe transing is a link?

Transvangarde Transvantgarde and money based art spectrum?

while checking for palesitian art residencies, I bumped into october art gallery and the term Transvanguarde art, together with a promise of its bright future – together with exhibitions of transvanguarde masters of 2012 & 2013. Really? Are they onto type error art and forgot a T? Are they referring to a re-use of transavantguarde? […]

crossing acrossing transing?

just the title? road, culture, speed, time? do they cross? do they actually collide?

my conflation? confabulation? is it whatever you want it/me to be?

I think my so called brain has been conflating reducing with transing – and the other way around.. Transing a step, making it transferable, changing it into a transferable element, means no reduction by default. (..am not being anti-reductionist by sort of ideology of some kind.. Think/hope/intend/ not.. just that using reduction is not, or […]