a web of ubu db?

we we talking ubuweb at furtherfield hosting of Giving What You Don’t Have.
the suggestion that ubuweb has no critique and the critique offered in place linked … sorry.. got to write something else....

OK.. Back here..

The critique talked about at the talk in furtherfield linked in my mind to – Hey! lets make some stuff that UBUweb should have but doesn’t and kind of linked to this discussion.. In one word(ish) {self}Reflection. If its an UBU web, Lets make a web of UBUs.. Indeed one that might imagine various ways of linking, sharing, and thinking of UBUs as well as ubuwebbing?

* it will be a db that isnt, but could?
* a web that is but could be un-webbed as well as forked and added features to..? (humm.. check the add features and the ideas re stuff like chance poetry in..
* should this be like a domain? (will begin this as a subdomain for the skint nature of my life..
* should the db-no-db be shit or shittable? (not in meaning but in imagination?)
* how to do various kind of UBUlinks? Are the UBUlinks shittable? Perhaps yes? How to shit a link? Are these links that leave their scent? eg. Link, and a scent of a link is arty.li?
In that case, how will this be a shitty scent? A scent that is linked to a useage and rejection of stuff? Check this code here? ?? Hummm

a few thoughts re links in rhythms and networks of ducks

was just typing the beginning of a-web-of-ubu-db.
then it seemed for me that idk why people look for, in my view, fetishise, origins of processes, practices, projects and objects.
…which linked to/with/into links in networks.. links rather than event/cause/effect are the network make up. ..but you see how i wrote this?
rather than something (commonly used).
would i say the earth is a planet rather than a tree?
we could think of planets AS ANALOGOUS trees – but that they are trees..
So links..
can everything be linked? is everything linkable? well.. i think that is interesting in the case of ubuweb’s spectrum of action – how its done/being-made – and spectrum of content.
* Spectrum of action –
with an over lord managing the database – there is one person that from a network movement direction seems to be a hub of rejection/acception of links. I like/dislike this link or another – and i have the power to be on a narrow band of frequency because i like it!
* Spectrum of content –
in terms of reference, it can be said that by the centrality of Ubu, content can be linked to king ubu’s shit, and Jari’s link of Ubu’s shit to theatre – which SEEMED unlinkable/non-connectable at the time. Dada, which is/can/may be linked to Jari’s King Ubu, like the surrealists, used, for example, chance processes/strategies to produce stuff.
Chance based stuff carries with it a certain problem/difficulty in the sense that although made of linkables – eg words/colours – they do not link except deep within the artist own sense of profound ego. eg even the artists do not always feel/sense the links, the reason they Push these works is that they themselves “produced/made” it, its a shit made of the artist own arbitrary genius. However, because this arbitrary genial based products do not arbitrarily, but i’d argue – conservatively – rely on meanings, they fail to excite.
If you made a link between rhythms, links and ducks. A link that others might have not explored, and yet, seemed meaningful to someone, they might be excited to move this further. However, if the link seems like a duck.. Sort of a ducklink.. Then, like the dadaist/surrealist activities, the Meaning shifts from the product to the process of making, and the individual involvement in it.. Sort of a workshop.. ..And perhaps with the egos involved, a therapeutic workshop.

This shift is interesting, i think, of and in itself..

However, as the line above does, a link, i think the interesting/exciting/desire-able (desire as in seeking to fill as well as make a void), is to imagine spacetime spectrums of links abilities – knowing they’ll fail.. No?

Links are usually in space with no time.. Links now or not.. Not as in, linked in past, might link again..? No?