an internet from agreements?

you mean internet of agreements? the name “internet of agreements” has been TMed already. Interesting, hey? 😉 well.. how else can you get so many people, content and machines together? only by agreement? you want them all to disagree? can we say that an agreement is kind of a contract? if we can live with […]

imagination and violence?

Imagination technologies do not mean anything, in my mind. Nothing innate, nothing in them that isn’t violent by its nature. However, nothing in them that Is naturally violent. eg a firearm tech is by its nature to produce a violent event. Might not be an act, but even burning stuff is violent.. However, writing tech, […]

happy-not-ness is a room hugging gorilla?

Was just checking images of people on ycombinator. What are these images telling me? They seem to say “be happy”. Is life, is being alive, necessitate being happy – or vice versa? I’d say being alive is to be creative rather than happy. To have a flexibility and honesty about the kind of personality one […]

violence dreams imagination in cycles?

Heard somewhere someone saying stuff to the effect of “the 1st step of violence is to change dreams”/imagination(?). ie, say there is a cultural dream of telling people not to say certain “rude” words, if I imagine/dream of a culture where such words/terms will not be censored, then by default am being violent towards the […]

checmical end of InterNational Criminal Court?

Am wondering how come the question in media hacks minds seems to be Attacking syria rather than ICC measures: Why Syria Still Won’t be Referred to the ICC Syria Spotlights Problematic International Law Obama Should “Resist the Call” to Intervene in Syria The ICC is not being considered despite It being controversial in itself – […]

the violence of Being

Am kinda listening to Zizek’s violence revisited where, at the beginningIsh of the tirade he is talking about violence a requirement to “be heard”. I want you to know I think of A B and C + think X Y and Z, so I will violentiise(??!!) the Statements – else I will not be heard/taken […]

instagram shop declarations

According to – kuwaits slap images on instagram that declare stuff for sale and seemingly, it works. As Fatima Al Qadiri observes in this interview, all people need to do is declare that they are selling. I find it interesting that, perhaps unintendedly, the declarative business practice is talked on a power-based imagry site […]

palestine – israel : 1 monster 4 2 communities?

Having just came back from a short visit in palestine/israel or rather Frankelstine, the Frankensteinian monster of israel + palestine + jews + muslims + christians + other religiously twisted minds, al-jazeera’s headline for, which at time of typing, reads “We didn’t occupy any State” – rings horror in my mind. Having done the […]