the surfing wave particle life?

I am a particle now. An element like electron, or foton, alreadygoy an on.. Lets imagine I am particle ifabon – a sort of abstract archetypical element.

Now.. Surf is a movement From.. Like a wave, trajectory from stuff.. It relates to Particle, being a particle, because it seems like movements From, are how elements are in motion.. Like diffusion.. “…spread out, or move from areas where there are many molecules..”

Wave, like surf and diffusion, in terms of energy – is a movement from a given place to another,, Being an energy in a space-time movement, I think of a wave as a rhythmic element, a sequence strand in motion from into an unknown.
In being an energy, I think Wave might be very relevant to being a particle – specially if the movement is of a surfing kind – from. From a place to another, and from a time to another.

..and being a particle, moving From – like a search of searching – and knowing from while clueless as to for, or what/where for. I began this writing coming from a feeling of the particle ifabon as a character. However, perhaps as this moved from one trajectory to another, surfed in and on and in within, it seems like this arrives into another From. An if From – or perhaps it always was..? If I am ifabon? Here is How my If and the stuff it is made From?