webrtc links of possible interest?

webrtc to begin with – http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/webrtc/basics/ (an intro..)

another webrtc Intro http://www.webrtc.org/home

webrtc blog http://webrtchacks.com/

a webrtc dev tool downloads page? – http://www.webrtc.org/reference/getting-started/prerequisite-sw

A code example (not checked yet) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4dj54jhnfqv4hx6/c0UUxS75Dp/VideoConferenceWebRTC.zip

webrtc experiments https://www.webrtc-experiment.com/ codes are: https://github.com/muaz-khan/WebRTC-Experiment

webrtc javascript: http://peerjs.com/examples

webrtc / togetherJS – adding real time collab for websites? https://hacks.mozilla.org/2013/10/introducing-togetherjs/

a mozilla demo set:

webrtc video conf (a bit like hangouts) http://browsermeeting.com/

seems to work as a chatroulette as well:
https://www.oslikas.com/chat.html same code as above without the roulette

sounds interesting but i think only local demo?

a jquery plugin – https://github.com/MouMou/jquery-webrtc

webrtc compatibility – http://iswebrtcreadyyet.com/

only voice chat – http://www.weconspire.com/f4la70/

the drucall module for drupal.. can not get the drucall site:

more sip (webrtc??) examples hosted on the google – http://code.google.com/p/sipservlets/wiki/HTML5WebRTCVideoApplication

webrtc simple conferencing tool – https://vline.com/

seems like a windows based webrtc (4all??) – https://code.google.com/p/webrtc4all/

a javascript library for a p2p webrtc tools solution? – http://peerjs.com/

a webrct p2p abstraction.. demo doesn’t seem to work? http://wearefractal.com/holla/

sip, webrtc and javascript? – http://sipml5.org/

webrtc for mobile devices? https://bistri.com/

twilio and webrtc – http://www.twilio.com/blog/2012/11/webrtc-for-twilio-client-now-available.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=WebRTC&utm_campaign=Client&pi_ad_id=23916590584&gclid=CMjPmdjRnboCFbDMtAodMTMAwQ

not sure what this is at all – http://webrtc.dennis.is/

webrtc tools and developments? pricing?

Was researching a bit about webrtc tools.. webrtc video conferencing tools to be exact..

What caught my interest though, was the pricing of usage.. Instead of telling people:
hey, this is piss easy, let me show you how.
its hey, this is piss easy, let me profit ’cause I want you to know not how. yeas, bitch – be my cow!

Hence it occurred to me:
– it matters not how easy/hard something might be, for people to learn.
– if people hide stuff, perhaps the stuff they hide isn’t required, nor even luxurious. Take this bit of info:
I know a tsunami is now developing. Should I hide it behind a money wall or share freely?

So.. Here we go.. From webrtc researching to posts titles:
unnecessary information, data, knowledge object, product, service – that aren’t even luxurious – which will feature more on this blog..

Was I really searching but called it research??