take me to space and never come back?

Suppose there was a death trip to space. One that was free of money and death’s discomforts. I wouldn’t be able to know whether or not it works because it would be unknown.
Suppose I’d know that indeed it operates by doing exactly what it claims – what might be my concern? (if indeed i had such a death wish..)
Well, I think my concern/s will be linked to How this operates. Even if I Know it works as promised – it is also a given that it will Operate. It will be or be a part of a sequential rhythm/strand – I’d know that for sure.
What really is unknown is the question whether the premise of the promise will be done.

Hence I think that this shows that the question of whether the whole thing operates generally or not is not so relevant because its clear it will Operate. The clear and real question is about the premise, that is where the speculation is at..

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