the art blackhole search – Initial Info


The following attempts to describe the concepts, backgrounds and possible way to investigate & test how Fabrica‘s existence as an art related space, can be used and imagined at times of mass internet­ based networking.

Internet networking, has affected how we can imagine the gallery because the culture of artefact exchanges is changes the significance of reference­-points/contexts. These changes, by relying on negative ­rather than anti-network based affirmation & allowing an abundance of times, places and frequencies to experience artistic fruits­-of­-practice, alters the nature of the traditional art gallery from a place that focuses on art to that where art might Be Not at.

Has the art gallery evolved from a space where the artistic is being presented to life, into the opposite exclusion – where the non artistic, or anti-artistic (some negative-artistic) is being presented as the exclusion element in the exclusion zone of art? (ie the excluded from art is being given a gallery showing?)

In other words, the gallery can now be imagined as an art blackhole – an artless timespace – where art can not live. The search imagines and attempts to question How to do art visa­vie this negative of the No. Instead of anti­art based practices, with a blackhole we can imagine two negatives the non­art, (practices that do not rely on their artefacts to Be) & a blackhole of art­no (practices that consume & disintegrate art).

The search practice attempts to use the gallery as an element in the process of imagining the gallery and its space as the location where “art no” Might be at.
Through focusing shows on objects, projects, processes, materials and other exhibited, are outcomes in the gallery are being disintegrated from art, exhibits become “art­-no”? Perhaps other negatives, different to “anti-art” and its derivatives?

In that sense, the art practice is left right outside the gallery, using it as an element in the process of imagining and searching for the blackhole. Where, how and what can we create via search as a black hole for art? Perhaps we can imagine art itself – where and how ever it occurs – as cultural blackhole/s?
This is a search, and fabrica is the geolocation of its beginning.


From 2.09.13 till 05.09.13..
twitter 🙁 hashtag = #artblkhole

Check the updates here, and on the twitter..
Perhaps an irc chat-room will be more convenient?
Perhaps people fancy coming down to hookup in a cafe near the gallery? (I’ll be initially in Marwood..)
It’s a search, so perhaps logic is more appropriate than an if.. 🙂

The search will be presented at International Association of Art Critics conference in Kosice, Slovakia towards the end of September.

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