the bit about kiribati?

ever heard of kiribati?

nope.. is it this place? —>


Yes.. Looks like it.. 4 different hemispheres?

Yes.. But why are we talking about that? Why not San Marino?

You mean the Most Serene Republic of San Marino?

Kinda, was thinking of the oldest country in the world – san marino?

Does it have anything to do with the sainthood of the sea?



oh! I see.. ..and how about Fa’afafine?

Samoan 3rd genders? What about?

Noticed its male oriented?

Yes.. Per wikipedia’s text.. Untill you read that text, does it not sound – social acknowledgement of transgender – as some sort of fwd thinking?

Yes.. But then tradition hits with a bang – hey?

I’d say more like context comes crashing the western tinned view with its meanings?

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