the co2 and green

According to this eco friendly post, co2 abundance might actually – or eventually – make deserts green.
An interesting observation, however, will co2 make more more deserts where, for example, there are currently forests – or is it that the planet as a whole will just go green?
Trivial imho.
I think that the less trivial question is the seemingly more redundant one – how come this news seems like a surprise. How come we keep being surprised by bumping into not knowing? Into cluelessness? When people began using materials that enhance co2, they did not think it would be important/significant for future generations. When future generations came to realise there is a certain significance – relational link – (RElaTIONAL LINK??) – between co2 rising and certain usages of technologies that Might aid that, it seemed that some – if not many nor all – the subsequent predictions were/are not very entirely correct. (eg, the green of deserts, the sealevels, the storms, the temperatures, the food, the technologies, etc..)

Is it not a time to lessen the value of meanings and the exciting sensations they give rise for, and stick with knowing we are clueless? Perhaps to do that, we need to search as a sensation – not as a tool for sensations other?

Embrace problems as problems rather than means of solutions?

However, am I not being/risking (being is risking??) hypocritical here by in a sense offering, a solution? Am I? How would the notion be propagated for being-risking-dancing rather than as an object-objective-goal-target-other-aim-prejudice?

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