is it the exchange – stupid?

why stupid?

why a clintonian pun?

why exchange – like a phone exchange?

money exchange?

art exchange?

exchanging stupidity?

ok.. check this question of “is it religion that does a terror“. does it not pop everytime we get a killer on the loose murdering while reasoning one religion or some other ideology?

Reasoning? Maybe voicing, evoking?

The Bastille day attack?

How this has thing todo with Exchange?

Hold on.. Say this one, with the guy murdering in Nice, france.. Can you really divorce any analysis of the event from the alienation some groups, tend to be darker skinned and islamic in france – which are systematically being placed in effectively shut ghettos?

Is that an understanding or an endorsement?

Does it not sound apologetic?


We need to understand the un bearable condition which produce such murderers – do we really?

Everytime there is an atrocity some goody hearted person/people pops up to suggest that some more understanding could help.. Evidence?

Well.. We do have the evidence that all the violent measures under the “security” canopy don’t work, so why not some other more wholistic approach?

One measure’s uselessness does not mean another is useful, does it?

Why not demand the criticality you give yourself – from others?

Like.. Sure, a person, a community, might feel oppressed by society, but can it not be self critical rather than violent?

Is it not blaming the victim?

Is it? Supposed if it was directed as a specific population.. But as an overall approach? Can i not ask for questioning and self criticality from all?

Hard from someone in pain.. Can you question yourself whilest in pain? ..or do you need to get well and then critique?

..but once you’ve advocated a measure, say tolerance of violence, or commiting a violent act – are you not placing yourself beyond the pain point? Have you not already said – I can deal with the pain? Is you can – why not question the solution?

How do you know that the solution – be it a violent one – wasn’t questioned?

I don’t.. However, if indeed it was questioned – why not ask to see how it was questioned? How the exchange between reasoning and execution operated?

Maybe only after the marginalization has disappeared?

Will it really ever, completely?

Did you read this, Einstein re treatment of afro americans in the usa?

What of it?

Interesting how he demands self critique of traditions, no?

Noticed its from the white – slave owners – not from the enslaved?

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