the hands of authoritarian’s mouth

In Egypt there is an electoral sort of process going on. We are told its an election operation for the next president. The “leading” candidate, a guy that only a few months ago claimed that he has a special ear for the Egyptian population as he is not going to run unless he could hear them asking him to do so. Hence, I’d assume, that either they will vote for him, or he has a bad hearing.. Though perhaps its a vase of hearing the very few that tend to matter most in hierarchical societies?

One element that matter most is the USA. The Obama regime tells anyone who cares to listen that the heir aparent to the Egyptian presidential thrown will implement a democratic process that will benefit the country as a whole. However, I think they are misleading. I also think that the (ex)General is misleading when he says that ofcourse he is all democratic through and through..

It seems to me that often people who mislead about themselves do so mainly when asked directly. eg – will you do democratic elections? yes sure. ofcourse, etc..
However, to get how people really imagine the world to be, the aesthetics they’ll operate with will come up as they engage with all sorts of elements that do not directly seem to link with questions they know how they ought to reply to.

Here, for example, we have a guy that claims to favour democratic processes, yet has the ear of 10’s of millions of people – without elections required! That is a pretty amazing fit, no? Remember, he says that he is not authoritarian – ie that he is Not the expression/embodiment of the Egyptian population. Yet, somehow it seems he can hear them all without elections. Not just that but they somehow have a Single voice.. (Its not like some might question, some might critique, others might be against, etc..)

However, the above idea relies on one piece of evidence.

Maybe that needs to be crossed with another?


Here’s the same guy:
“…rehabilitate its relations with Egypt before it loses the affection of the Egyptian people once and for all.”
He know who the Egyptian people, as a sort of whole might fancy or not.. More than this, such fancies of the singular voice, single body called Egyptian people – that is made of millions that magically have one voice – once they make up their mind, IT NEVER evolves, it never changes..
With these sensations in mind, could this guy bare hearing multiple views and voices? Could this guy imagine living with, rather than presiding over, multiplicities and differences that evolve? Can this guy imagine a legitimacy for recognising democratic development and evolution? eg that people might choose him one day, and change minds the next..?
Or does this person sound like an authoritarian ruller in the making?

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