the last muslim on mars?

seemingly some islamic sects bar their followers from going to Mars, at least in the foreseeable future, based on the assumption the whole adventure is fairly suicidal.

Evolutionarily, it could be interesting because this is an example of how culture, religions are cultural elements, yes? – affects and intervenes in the evolution process. So here for example there is the use of power, authority – even prejudice and ignorance – to possibly influence the cultural makeup of 1st marsian colonists..

Culturally/Artistically, I think this is a fab example of how restrictive practices require free rhythms and strands – but not the other way around. Hence the sequence has to be free-to-restriction. You need to have something abstract and free to build with some sort of restrictions – if you want then. However, these restrictions can not be universal because then they undermine the very materials that they are made from, no?
One might be free – as in no penalty for taking one decision or another – yet make sure the very decisions they take do not inherently produce a meta strand that inhibits and restricts all others – the opposite. The strands that might apply universally, can be so if it allows – rather than restricts other strands.. This is, I think perhaps where various elements of left wing legislations went seriously wrong.. Perhaps even affected the right wing’s proposition of End of History..?

However, this – restriction and allowance – is not, in my view of a binary link. Rhythmically, I think these are actually elements of same strands in time. The non-binary connection here is because they do not inherently Oppose one another.. Having clay that can be be molded and is being molded in various ways, or python that is being implemented for various tools – is not in oposition to one another – not an inherent opposition, but at times an imposed oposition. eg when power wants to use its power to “protect” its ability to have power and is using freedom as an object to save from tyranny – hence at times someone has to abuse freedom and be universally restrictive so that at other times we can be “free”..

(Don’t worry if this sounds convoluted – it is.. 😉 )

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