the look, words & sounds of censorship

or just the one made in china?

Here’s the song:

I think authoritarianism sounds and feels pretty much alike..

Might compare well with golden oldies German Nazi stuff like:


The other element re authoritarianistic approaches that seems evident here is the need to put one’s self on the shoulder while pretending the activity is not awkward. eg, If indeed bombing in general and england in particular (they meant Britain, but that’s aside..) – is so cool. Or chinese censorship is such a fab operation everyone wants to have one in bed – the self evidence of this fantastic ideas, practices and activities would render the need to declare their cleverness – a void.
…Unless ofcourse its an exercise in instruction – not even education.. Like a sesame street song about the wonders of abc, etc..? But then, why the bombasticness?

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