the violence of storms and a welcome dirt?

Over the brexit referendum, the rulling classes seem to be in a bit of an inbred fight. Questions such as why we actually rather place hopes and inspiration into the eu, has been replaced with negativity and fear.
The eu is crap – but we need it.
The eu is crap but we don’t need it.
At the end of such a sequence, we get a sense of crap and that is all.

However,, I think that for the long run, this storm can be used for advancing democracy and adding pressure onto capitalism.
Thatcher rather famously remarked once that when people lose an argument, they go for personal attacks. However, is it not slightly different, when we find arguments and argumentations insufficient, wrong or otherwise, then we go for violence? We go for attacking, personal or just threats. A parent that is unable to convince a child to do something might use a threat of violence to get the child into a particular action. No?

Check this threat: if you guys brexit, i’ll tax the living shit outa you!

So, is it not a fab example for how we have a deficient democracy? Yes, have a referendum, but you guys better take the option as we, the ruling classes, please.

“..tack the option”? Not choose?

Yes.. Is it not the idea of choosing, choice, that it does not entail retribution? Might be a wrong choice and it comes with its own deficiencies. Eat burgers for a year, and your body might look suitably greasy. However, if I punished you for eating the wrong food, then the whole dynamics have altered. We don’t talk of choice, but of options to take. No? Perhaps the term “option” is wrong, however, the idea here is that in a democratic process, we do not have retribution as part of the system. Right?

Well.. Is it not kind of superficial? Options, choices.. WTF! As long as we stay in europe, all is cool.

Well. It is important and cool if we stay in eu indeed. However, Democracy is the framework, no? Should we undermine, or expand it?
Moreover, check the arguments “against” eu – the pro brexit – if society does not listen, who might gain out of people linking immigration with them feeling a bit un-safe financially? So say we brexit, who will gain by squeezing people even more? How will that violence help deliver society out of situations like: ???

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