things i don’t understand – brexit edition?

Isn’t it that brexit, in effect and in fact, offers new opportunities to go from current eu arrangements to new ones, some that are yet to fail?

Brexit, is that a brexit that is britain – the geo-political entity – exit the eu, or is it a new arrangement between the eu and britain that involves uk not being a member of eu?
(If the the 2nd bit, how come people are fine with “brexit means brexit” which in itself pretends to mean something yet, means f all?)

How come there aren’t many calls for a new parliament, since this one voted to do a referendum that was so vaguely worded? (e.g. why did we not have a 3rd choice? eg to negotiate a new way to be in eu? why going out was not worded clearer so now we could have a better clue whether people voted for hard or soft brexit?)

How come, post brexit vote, we don’t seem to have calls for a new eu arrangement?
Could we not think of brexit as a new opportunity to fight the capitalist occupation? (eg claim eu became too wedded with capitalistic interests so as to abandon its people?)
Could we not claim that proposals to keep eu citizenship do not go far enough?
While its fab having an idea that essentially undermines nation states by allowing individuals to become eu citizens, perhaps this is a bit discriminatory when applied to uk alone? Why not any person?
Indeed, if non state entities can be eu citizens – why not:
associations and cooperatives?
artists of certain affiliations?
members of institutions? (eg say brighton uni and associated members can be in the eu..?)

Why not have eu art services, health services, education services – and so on – being made available for free for communities etc. – regardless of their state’s membership? eg this can allow setting up eu bits in the uk for people who fancy. (mind, if in the uk, why not in other places around the world?)

Can brexit not be thought of an opportunity to call on the eu for radical questioning of its role and operations so as to use ideas the eu claims to aspire – claims to breath – can be used to develop ways we can get free from the capitalistic occupation?

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