thoughts regarding if a + b and probably not much logic?

if a + b is a strand/sequence because it can be addressed to as and of itself. the brain might go looking for then, but even that is a link to if a + b.
As such, it is alive. as a living being, it does not require a truth test. because if a + b is simply out there. Perhaps not for long, but alive none the less.
As a living sequence being, it allows a humanoid to imagine being a being of if a + b – how if a + b might sense life?
Surely, like other beings, it will require propagation/linking..?

In that sense if a + b offers a double if – if of a + b and that of if that particular if lives.. (isn’t a combination defined by the if of negotiation between its elements?)

However, if a + b, is beyond the question of being true/false. It’s validity is in it’s own life, links, time and possible death. In that sense its an imagination in and of itself, rather than a representational language of x that might or might not be there, or a tool to examine thoughts processes with. Its an imagination sequence. A link searching being.

Indeed, the incompleteness of it is a life energy/kick. This is the self questioning/critique of being. Can I be a + b? If I am a + b, that is my being, a and b togetherness is not a given but in constant critique search and a link search.

Once the mind is relaxed about the binarism, then the question becomes more interesting, I think. If a + b is an organism, how is it to Be if a + b? Lets say I am an if a + b – how do i sense the world? How my aesthetics works?

So, for example, I’d think it will be searching for links and ways of linking in a flexible manner. An If ab – as a +less compound I think is more self contained. Still might search for links, however these will be of a kind that might not split it. Hence can be imagined as a different sort of organism to if a + b.. Indeed the If in both instances questions various elements.. In one its the +ness, in another its the compoundness..

Indeed, as well as a linear, there are other search dimensions involved.
For example, is A = a?
What are the a/A frequencies and own links? e.g. stuff that might be refered to in the language of a/A, is it exactly the same as A=(musicalNote)? or
Since these are sort of container languages that might invite to be filled in, is A/a same as a square, or a circle? Or perhaps just at times? Do they have overlapping trajectories?
In terms of a/A, does it become a B/b or are they always separated?
How might if a + b differ from
if a + a(musicalnote)
if a + rectangle
if a + b(musicalnote)
if a + (picture-of-toilete-paper)

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