trans interval mission difference?

Considering intervals, in-betweens.
Read somewhere a definition of interval as being the Difference between X and Y.. Or is it that in fact a difference is the interval?

What I am not comfortable with in the interval/difference – apart from the philosophy, differance, attached – is that both ideas imagine the motion as static.
Difference is a static, as in a state. And it seems that interval are as well.
We can point at X and say This is An interval.
Y is a difference.

Another element in difference that both fascinates and disturbs is the rather common notion for humans – perhaps others – to Make a difference. Making a difference as to have an ImpacT, a resonance of sorts.
Its kind of comforting to feel the idea might have sort of universal; linmks, but that particular link is expressive, perhaps even violent and requires power.

A rather less self centred and power requiring perception of being in an intervalistic motion is, I think, the use of Transmission.
I think it can be said that both Intervals and Differences are made during a transmission.
Durig a time when Z is either being – or being perceived, or made – to be moving Between X and Y. That movement makes both the interval and the difference – visible/acknowledge-able.

Here comes the idea that transmission has, like difference, a sense of universality. The idea of transmitting opne’s culture, genes, ideas, etc..
However, here too there is a sense of violence.
If we look at transmission as the process from which differences are made, then it might be made dys-agressively by being transmit-able?

Not sure..

transmission – to be sent across..

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