transablities? collisequence?

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as a strand in a collisequence derived from a shopping trip
because in itself it IS, its Being, is Trans-able. I can do it in a photo, a music, a documentary, an essay, as of itself, or an element, strand, etc.

The question in my mind is just why trans in numbers and spaces to do with shops rather than dots and ticks.
That could be a search activity, a collision chamber of trans approaches..?
My position was of a walker, colliding with transient buildings on a slow moving cerface, etc.. I can be open with that, as a narrative? A trans narrative? I imagined myself walking as I was walking.. etc.. I imagined that people imagine me walking as they watched me walking.. That is contrasted by people imagining me spying, later on, as I was taking photos while walking..
Or how to search while transing borders of jordan and israel/palestine in the desert?

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