transart teaching proposal – negative aesthetics in networks

How to investigate negative communication aesthetic elements in & through networks?
This activity will be done through meeting is network environments to research through activity and linked information gathering negative communication aesthetical activities. e.g. misunderstanding, untranslation, de-contextualisng, etc.
Each student will bring their own negative element to investigate, perhaps change as they go along. We will do the process as a group in physical environments such as a party, cafe, pub, bus-stop, and while using online social tools to gather extra information and means of action. Following each instance, the actions will be discussed within the group.

This is an extendible activity, from a one off through to a whole course..

—- cover letter —

This is a proposal for an educative art activity at transasrt that, I hope, corresponds with the notion of trying innovative ways of instructions.
In that context, am proposing a process where boundaries between “student” and “teacher”/”lecturer” are blurred. The educative role becomes that of a critically supportive fellow traveller into an unknown, rather than someone that has more knowledge, more information, or indeed has a better idea what the unknown might be. (..else we do not have an unknown..)

The proposal’s concept has a few interlinked facets:
* To create an investigative activity where the “teacher” is as clueless as the “student” – hence challenging educational conceptions.
* To playfully link and question communicative, creative and aesthetic practices.
* Through the act of investigation – which points at the unknown that might not be there nor ever be known – the negative means that are potentially impossible in practice, and the subject of aesthetics, we will be given a chance to propose new questions regarding artistic preconceptions.

In part, the proposal is influenced by strands that investigate and research – as an outcome rather than means for production – within my own practice. For example:
How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly? Details:

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