a few kinds of transing

A term that moves beyond english in terms of grammar and words, yet might still, like various trans-xxx-es, somehow make sense?

Beyond imagining and yet various ways to imagine how to do transing.

The use of rhythms here might sound arbitrary to begin with. However, the transitory necessity – or constitutional element – of rhythms, I think, makes them an integral part of any trans based practice?

To approach is to move, to transport, one’s self in space and also to open up the possibility of other trans activities that will follow.

Refusal, Saying No
The refusal of a possibility, of a suggestion, is – in my view – a part of the process as a whole. The “No” has perhaps stopped the approach, the trans of the other – however, the No is in this sense, a trans-yes. Beyond the Yes there are various No.

The process of creating – not act?? – or of making stuff up is another way of transforming one’s self, perception, objects, and stuff into the between other elements. To create, a spacetime needs to be there for being your creation – or what ever you just made up. That rhythm of spacetime is a transxxx in relation to other stuff. Say you just madeup a recipe. That recipe – assuming it was not an identical copy – is transed other similar recipes. Not though trans-recipe..
Even an identical copy could be seen as a trans in the sense of movement and action. Was X – a recipe – now identical X was added to the world and allows all the other Xes to Be different than before.. It offers other possibilities.

As a tool to transact, to facilitate actions between people – protagonists/elements – language is a way to move beyond boundaries.

The situation of meeting another is and of itself is not some transxxx. However for an event to Be of a meeting kind, it requires movements among its participants. Movements that go beyond the participants’ various boundaries and make the event a meeting rather than a gathering..

The writing will be in the way of transcribing. This in itself is another trans form. However, the material that will be generated is to be ready for other transformations. For example, to be curated..

The language, indeed the expressive usage of, curation is that via thoughtful collection and exhibition of stuff the elements get meanings beyond the how they might seem otherwise. Be it by an increased focus, or contextual positioning, the curated material is on a different level than when it is un-curated..

To forget, to be in a spacetime of recalling-not, is, in my view the trans rhythm that engulf stuff happening and recalled & stuff wished to have happened and recalled. To forget is to not know an event/stuff in context, yet be open to that happening. (I forgot your name – as in I imagine perhaps I could know your name. Or it could be also being asked to recall not, by intent. Either way, we can say that when recallection is denied, it is between the possibility of being to not being recall-able. Hence over arching both, and a transgression of them..)

the number-of-steps + day-temperature
These are elements to record & transcribe for How 2 Transingness? material. (as well as movement time between meetings. am writing about these because I think they might seem more arbitrary and less self explanatory. Perhaps because they are..)
I wanted to pick up trans elements, stuff that takes us beyond the just body/object/event/location/etc. Perhaps there are other such elements relevant to H2T? – and other practitioners could focus on that. In this way, these elements can probably be indeed arbitrary. However, I think they are very much linked to the very activities in H2T?, hence are here.
The temperature is a trans elements in a way that it affects stuff relative to its own nature and yet shared. 23 degrees Celsius might feel nice for one person, too hot for another, drying for a paint on a park bench, and yet something shared that goes beyond the boundaries of the body.
Number of steps that it takes between meeting people is very personal and rhythmic dependant. (my steps might usually be smaller than yours if my legs are shorter & in the space of say 11 seconds I might have walked slowly because of the hit..) On one hand, the number of steps taken is a personal rhythm. On another, they are the tool for my translocation from one meeting to another.

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