trust trust trust?

is this anything to do with this?

Shaking your booty to this one?

Why not simple.. Just to do with trst?

OK to add another love love love to the list?

Trust and love?

Is this a binary? Either trust or love?

Or.. Either love or distrust?

Is it possible to trust a binary?

What, like a computer or a program?

Hold on.. Can you not be in love with someone, yet be resolutely certain they aren’t to be trusted?

Like tea and marmalade – 2 different things?

Yes.. But what about trust and distrust?

These are the opposites we tend to live by.. Perhaps trust is just conflated with love?

Perhaps distrust isn’t a No trust, but the critique of possible trust?

Hold on.. But when you are in love, don’t you want the other person to trust you?

Is it trust or belief? Do you not fancy them believing in you?

Not sure.. I always want to be questioned.. Why trust or believe in me – I don’t.. Why not question?

Maybe that is why no one falls in love with you?

Maybe.. Lets go back to distrust.. Some people might say that they can never Trust a politician.. Does this not point to possible sense in people rather wanting to trust some politicians?

Are you saying politicians can not be loved?

Nothing of the sort.. How did we get there..?

Anyway.. What I don’t get is that culture of trust. Why trust? If we fancy democratic culture, we want processes that critique decision making, not trust the people who make these choices.. Or am I missing something?

I think a fair few things could be missing.. Like reality.. The reality that many people can not be bothered with all the nittygritty of political decision making – and want to be able to place that process in capable hands.. Have you never done that?

Probably have, whether I like it or not.. But the point is no different.. Say decision X was taken. A person decided they couldn’t care less about the X question and some politicians, in a way, took the decision regardless.. Now what is the relevance of trusting the politicians?

Maybe its the wrong hypothetical.. Is it not that people feel they want to trust politicians to do as they promise?

Well.. Why want them to promise in 1st place? Can we all keep our promises..?

So.. What if we distrust politicians and lovers? How can it work?

Not sure about lovers.. But in terms of politics, is it not a question of critique?

As in hey politician, how can we criticise you?

In a democracy, that is done by election, re-election, no?

I think its a very non-discursive, brutal process.. Also, in terms of time scale.. How do we critique politicians shortly after – or even before – some decision is taken?

Like in demos and petitions?

I think more like in actual discursive manner.. Why can we not just chat with them?

Do they have time?

Do I have time?

Like in twitter?

No.. again.. These kind of platforms.. They tend to be about power – how many people will respond, or use a particular hashtag, etc.. is this to do with actual raising issues to discuss and possibilities of elaborating to the extent that actions might alter?

Why a human politician, if time and conversation is the issue? Why not an AI?

Yes.., Like the one from the movie She.. When She had a gazillion lovers..?

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