uber uber competition traditionalist uber under the blurb –

antisocial, anti cooperative, anti democratic, anti peaceful activities, anti fairness, anti decency, anti human, anti environment, anti honesty, anti transparency, anti friendship, anti innovativeness, anti your rights, anti thriving, and like a little child – self centered egocentric??

There was some stuff today on twitter# re uber “taxi services” in paris and a bit of a situation with local taxi drivers.

From the outset, am against any violence, even my own – which is why i don’t entirely like the 1st line in this post – but hey.. it’ll do for now..
The violence of uber – ie attempting to force itself onto local populations by ignoring other arrangements and calling for competitions rather than cooperation.
The violence of local drivers – physical, verbal and other such abuse and attack – while might be understandable as weak response in the face of uber’s uber attacks – is just not acceptable, unimaginative, uncool, weak, and not on, in my view.

Uber attempts to position itself as an innovator and a service that is cool for cool people. However, at the same time, it uses that language because in fact it is hypocritical in its approach – attempts to condemn restrictive practices on its services, while not doing the same for restrictions on its “competitors”. Hence it is being violent, anti democratic, and hypocritical.
In other words, uncool.. If you have to get to a meeting and fancy doing that while helping an organisation to trample on other people, it’s as if you are hitting people in the face on your way..
Perhaps am a bit blind, but its hard to see the cool, innovative or fun – unless you enjoy hurting others without their consent – in the whole process..

The other, element I think might be interesting in this narrative is that of twitter.. I think it pops up twitter’s fail as a proper news elaboration platform. It is more of a mud throwing tool – again, imho, uncool and violentfull..
Seems like other news reporting sites, like the verge are taking the easy route and follow the capitalist zombie twitter crowd..

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