violence of free or a blockhead – ian dury?

Just seen a smashed shop window. Nothing too remarkable.
However, I had a flash in mind of a drunk feeling pretty good about themselves for smashing the window. Why did it occur they felt good/satisfied/powerful?
I think the idea of senseless smashing, being like a wind, like a rolling rock, etc. – hit me that violence is all too very automatic. The sun does not ask whether or not to rise at x time, the wave does not do a maybe later if now inconvenient, etc.. This is not to say there are no negotiations, but that these are themselves violent, physical and brutal in the sense that no left overs are kept alive, no prisoners are taken. The ice is cold and you need to get on with it, the ice will not do temperature half way, or by cultural refining – neither with care.

In that way, i think that perhaps the violence of disspossessed, as much as the quiet and assured so to be unseen by power, might actually be a way to have sensations close to nature, to the way one might be while thinking thoughtlessly..?

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