weathering storms or storms or stormified stormy storms?

The guardian informs of “disruptions” for untold number of job lovers’ on the way to realise their dreams this morning – by the un sportive tail end of a hurricane they call “gonzalo”.

Storms and economic linked activities have a fair bit in common. When the capitalist economy has to fold a bit every now and again, its called a storm, a bit of a rough sea, an economic blizzard, a downpour, a tsunami, etc. (ok last bit is not entirely weather – but you get the idea, yes?)

These capitalistic “tough weather” periods, despite the fact they certainly disrupts lives – not just working lives/moments – of most people linked to such “economic weather events”, it seems the main stream of capitalist societies rather digest these as the storm blowing its ways now just outside my window.
However, when it comes to human rights, working people’s rights, pay, private lives (eg with families, as in parenthood leave, etc.) – the analogy to weather breaks suddenly. Then we do not have Nurses pay brings a storm calling for financial reform and democratisation of health – or something in that spirit, more succinctly written. But instead we get stuff about Nurses strike and disrupt.

Perhaps just like the victims of rough non metaphorical weather, when they claim the right to have socio-cultural and political weather-based moments – even that possibility is being possesed and reserved by and for power alone.

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