webrtc tools and developments? pricing?

Was researching a bit about webrtc tools.. webrtc video conferencing tools to be exact..

What caught my interest though, was the pricing of usage.. Instead of telling people:
hey, this is piss easy, let me show you how.
its hey, this is piss easy, let me profit ’cause I want you to know not how. yeas, bitch – be my cow!

Hence it occurred to me:
– it matters not how easy/hard something might be, for people to learn.
– if people hide stuff, perhaps the stuff they hide isn’t required, nor even luxurious. Take this bit of info:
I know a tsunami is now developing. Should I hide it behind a money wall or share freely?

So.. Here we go.. From webrtc researching to posts titles:
unnecessary information, data, knowledge object, product, service – that aren’t even luxurious – which will feature more on this blog..

Was I really searching but called it research??

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