when 2 does not = 2?

x = x?

not always.. check this:
2 = 2 right?


now.. what happens when we have 2 apples and 2 clouds? are they equal?

there are 2 of each..

but then they are equal in the sense of Number – 2 – not in the sense of what the elements are. In a way, does it not really say here that 2 = 2 if and when 2 is a numerical element? When 2 is indeed the number 2. The number’s physicality.
However, when the physicality alters to other elements, 2 of different elements might not be equal.

Sure.. That’s why we convert currencies and don’t always swap 2 gold nuggets with 2 scooters..?

Yes.. It seems obvious, but I think its worth mentioning because it highlights the physicality of numbers?

Maybe its a bit too subtle point?

Maybe.. However, if it is, perhaps it means that its not worth mentioning the particular physicality of X?

What do you mean??

ie when x = x but might not?

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