when a gamble is no gamble times 2?

In this aljazeera show re capitalism recent performance, there is a guy from lse that basically says something like:
The “financial crisis” couldn’t have been forecasted because “the economy” is so complicated – its very hard to tell. There are so many elements involved in economic exchanges and behaviours, that its simply impossible for us economists to tell what might come.
As he was saying that, did he not also, in effect say other stuff as well?
that economists like him are perhaps not in a position to understand their subject?
that indeed, stock exchanges are just a gamble, but because it is a dignified gamble then gamblers should be protected if they actually lose gambles too much?
that indeed economists are very clever – they can say that they are clueless in a cluelessness inducing line of work, yet somehow the rest of society is actually listening to their ideas re economic matters. A bit like going to a dentist that will tell you they are actually plumbers with a bee keeping hoby that like to pretend from time to time they do dentistry, and you go: Sure! That’s cool. So tell me, why my mouth hurts so much?

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