when is it that an orange is blue?

When would a person like oranges to be blue?

Say there are a few millions who fancy blue oranges – will it make the fruits blue?

Is it not a question of wishes and desires?


If some people fancy, ie they want oranges blue, no?

Now say they are convinced oranges are blue, what’s the problem?

Is this when contextuality ends?

The end of meaning?

Well.. Why not just let people make oranges blue if that’s how they see it?

Are they calling blue Orange and Orange blue?

Isn’t it that they’ll need power to sustain the blue oranges perception?

Why? Do we need power to sustain the Oranges are orange perception?

Calling oranges Oranges, or Golden apples, does it make a difference?

Not much, so why not call them Blue?

How would you call blue stuff in that society?

What if they called it Blue Apples?

What if they called it stoochy apples?

Well.. each name might deliver different outcomes, no?

..and which name might require no power to be sustained?

..Like which might be self sustained?

Is that not contextual as well?


People might – or might not – sustain the name, or do you think its the fruit that does it?

Hummm.. Perhaps the wrong analogy?

Have a better one?

Some songs, to recall them, you need to hear repetitions – others, a repetition is not required – know what i mean?

If you don’t need to recall via repetition, the music stands by itself?

Not by necessity, but probably it is like that?

How about Foucault and power?

The idea that civil life is sustained from power rather than it’s own volition?

Hence an interval between civility and reality?

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