where to Be in total Potemkin?

Bumped into details about the Total Potemkin exhibition at the Barn, 15-28 February 2014, Oxford.

Def can not make it to the organic location, but can do the digital blurb site..

Am reflecting re seemingly minor elements in the content form as a way to imagine reflection with the way, I think, the exhibition is imagined – content seems to have form and structure sensibilities/aesthetics.

Usually, perhaps disturbingly for me at times, exhibitions/gallery-shows give details of the artists national links if not even idendities – when often these have nothing to do with the event/s.
Here, I think its a 1st for my notice, that the blurb defines the artists as “european” rather than english/british/eritreans/papua new guineans/etc..

Another sort of 1st for me is the use of: “medium of technology” to describe an artist interest, in this case, Marc Adrian‘s.
Technology in general as a medium..
I wonder how this might or might not link with Beuys’ social technology ideas..

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