why there’s no sex in blueness?

asked a friend to think of blue.
they went: why blue?
i pointed that blue is a relatively new colour in european cultures.
so? my friend wondered.
well.. you like new stuff.
i don’t! i complain capitalism likes new.
you like to complain capitalism likes new – maybe subconsciously it’s driven by an accelerating affinity for newness?
of course i like Newness, my friend said, who wouldn’t. Even when you get something used, you want it with a newness quality. You want it clean and stuff like that – or you’d Re-New it. Clean, re-paint, fix and so on. That’s not capitalistic New.
Sure. However, it’s curious that people in europe didn’t think of blue until relatively recently.
It is kinda funny.. Was it a shade of green?
Is it not still a shade of green?
Not when we think of RGB.
if we didn’t have blue, will we not have screens?
Maybe we’d have RED-YELLOW-GREEN?
Yes.. Where the yellow is what we call green, and the green is what’s called blue?
Yes.. So.. Shall we continue with the blue?
Well.. I don’t want to pick blue for whatever poem you have in mind. Can we not pick some other colour?
Sure. Pick up any other colour.
I can not think of any other colour but blue atm.
So.. Pick up blue.
I don’t want to!!