is this a bit mad about imagination or

simply some space-time sequence encountered – though perhaps something else?

I was thinking about linked elements, or linkable elements, and came up with a pathetic list.. However, then I thought how can linkables/linking elements/materials have their own spahen*, and that each spahen might link not just in relation to its rate, but also time-space. (eg if my spahen is 11, and yours is BooeB00e600e6003 – we might not link..)

Now then it seemed that if space-time in itself is a rhythmical sequence that vibrates, there must be various space-times that may, or may not allow some frequencies within them. This, in my mind is sort of akin to context – something I’d need to expand – but then if we are in the context element of the sequence, it seems that the next element is that space-time is, or needs to be, imagined collectively.
Because we have so many many multiple spahens, some might not link, we have meta elements to enable sharing. eg each spoken language has its own imagination that is shared among its speakers..
In latin we need to imagine elements as male/female, in english not. But in both we need to imagine a difference between inanimate and “non-inanimate” elements..

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