the look of a show not show?

The uniformity makes me think that this: is a show that attempts to perform a non show while being a performance that is not attempting to be performative but have to? Everybody ecstatic? Everybody holds same kind of flowers in both hands? Everybody suppose to feel the same? Everybody are not designated performers but […]

duchamp and my floor?

NOTE: The following post, I hope, is of a thinking/considering process that might reslove at the end. Still a question? ————- A few years ago, around 2012, there was an exhibition at Phoenix Arts in Brighton where they used raw boards for walls between spaces. Somehow, I managed to get these boards after the show. […]

search culture sorry being performance and a long queue?

Supermarkets come with queues, and more often than not, a sort of failed look out and pseudo calculations as to which might take less time to be processed through. There is also the quick, often queueless machines, but they come with a rather un comfortable baggage made of being made to do a job for […] – indus… – industry as a #performance or interchangeable with? remote … remote encounters, #network #performance etc. shame not streamed, nor can i afford time and money to get there 🙁

Performance Philosophy paper – Cross questioning unknowns with knowing nots

In this paper, I will use the question of doing philosophy through performative acts for investigating how, through crossing of seemingly unrelated elements, new entities of questioning, knowledge. and practices are created. “Diogenes the Dog”, the name of a human that metaphorically crossed species with canine, illustrates how such crossings produces a new knowledge. e.g. […]

A few thoughts/musings that emanate from Erica Scourti Life in AdWords

A short video of Erica Scourti Life in AdWords Am not much of a writer, nor an art crit, more of someone who keeps asking “art?” and perhaps unable to see/perceive/imagine much beyond that trajectorial reflection of the self. Perhaps this is worth mentioning because it seems that from a beginning of promising to outlay […] the blurb … the blurb reads like they mean #experimental #performance #art – i wonder if they’d go beyond performativity