Sometimes I don’t need to draw a whole and accurate, for example, smiling face. Its possible to abstract a smiling face into something like :-) or even :) .
However, this abstraction in and of itself is not very interesting for me, probably at the moment, from personal “reasons”. What is interesting is the possiblity of using abstract – rather than abstracted – elements in and of and for and from themselves.
Perhaps abstracted elements can be independent abstracts with their own rhythms that are not necessarily linked with the abstraction process. ) : and – are not intrinsically linked with a smiley face, like the nu,ber 1, for example, is not always an abstraction of a single apple. However, the E in E = mcSq is an abstraction of energy.

I think that one of the things that disturb me in my usage of letters as abstractions of specific elements is that the abstractions are not abstracts in and of themselves..

Perhaps there is a way to both take stuff like energy as an abstract that might have manifested itself as energy but can be – and indeed is – independent of energy as its source..

Perhaps, if we stay with the energy example, the question can be phrased like:
E in e=mcSq is very local to the equation. It can be and E of environment some other place. However, if there was an E that is for energy alone, then perhaps it would be an abstract as well as an abstraction?

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