alcohol, cancer and art?

ok. so since alcohol is directly linked with known and, err, probably known cancer – perhaps an idea to cutoff is due?

Over due?


..and cancer can cancel the alcoholic feelgood factor, yes?

However, how else can we get a bit of a brain augmenting experience that isn’t for entertaining the mind?

Isn’t alcohol for entertainment?

Perhaps For – however, is it always entertaining?

What’s the difference between drinking and using alcohol?

..and art?

Well.. Hell.. Art.. Would people rather risk losing, bending, augmenting, tossing, hacking, kicking, questioning, booing their own culture – via art; or putting their bodies through the road to cancer via alcohol?

Isn’t it clear people will choose alcohol?

Might be, however, even if its clear, does it not worth having the question out there?

AH! I am talking of critique, losing, blah blah – but do i really question stuff? Do i really question this blog for example?

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