are we against storms and stuff?

Just a quick thought kind of warning..

The guardian informs of possible disruptions by storms for commuters (am commuting) on monday. It occurred that the tone of acceptance being bothered on route to work is very different when people go on strike for this grievance or another. I guess the idea is that people are indeed more talkative and possible negotiative than stormy winds. The wind might not comprehend even minimal english, right? Well.. Hold on a sec. what happens when we have economical events that are being compared with natural forces? When we should go through an economic storm, its because the capitalist economy is being imagined to a natural force and there nothing no one can do anything about it. However, when workers burnt by this capitalist natural occupation of the economic life are storming a bit – then it tends to be a political question that should and could be solved – only if these striking morons could understand that basics of economy? Only if they stop disturbing everyone else who is, errr, just can not help their desire to go to work?

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