baka evolution development and stupid?

Baka, as the unregistered conflation, might be in evolution/development? Or stupid?

Some people, while referring to evolution, imagining the process in developmental terms. Hence the expectation is of Betterment. The car, shoes, software, etc, of the latest – or contemporary version – should be better than what was before? Or when I mention something evolved into stuff we wish it wasn’t – people tell me that it has De-Evolved – with idea that evolving is for better.

So when development comes in, how is it different to evolutionary processes in that context?

The other element that can be is the notion of time arrow? Like if evolving is in time, then time seems to have a linear progression, not the chaotic – UN-predictable (though some might dispute) – process of evolution?

Development is, in my view, a def element in evolution, however is not in and of itself the evolutionary process.. In development, we place sequences of intent, expectation, outcomes, speculations, etc.. Sure, stuff that comes up affects more chaotic processes of evolution.. However, development, perhaps due to the intentionality – real or not – involved, seems to be inspired by evolution..

The other question that these bring, or a question that seems to stem from these, is that am writing about evolution and development as processes – not practices. As if they are some elements that do not have a self critical process? How do I know?

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