capitalists to exploit rape –

this is what capitals does best, no?

Just a not re example of how capitalism cultivates, hopefully intention free, how stuff is rather than might evolve, or – in case of seriously obvious harm – be solved. The incentive is to cultivate sequences because that is how they can pay. People need to research terms on the net to find stuff? lets milk them via a search engine. People need water? Lets get them to pay for that need. Society require education? Fab, lets get them to pay for that too.
People rape others? Why solve when you can simply get paid for cultivating that sequence too?

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ummm – not even “lets do stuff that might benefit all and then get the common to buy it off” – its lets do stuff that most people might benefit or better just feel a need for – then build on that to get more money!

what i think is wrong with my views here is that they are not beyond capitalism but simply point out the operation of capitalism stops others to do stuff.. eg keep past cultivated, etc.. it makes the whole thing sound anti capitalistic where the search is from..

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