codes, ghosts, zombies, and mostly art from ararat

The ararat in here is the film which, while am feeling somehow critical of, i’d recommend to watch, if you haven’t already 😉

Ostensibly is about the genocidal violence Ottoman turkey has inflicted upon Armenian people within its empire. However, it asks questions about truth, story telling, story telling & truth, shows/illustrates how perceptions have fuzzy edges, and probably much more that I have missed last night..
Here however I’d like to concentrate on a few elements that came to mind:
* The general historical approach of the film as an artwork.
* The talk of codes – specially prior to the prevalent cultural link with programming.
* Dealing with ghosts & zombies.
* The perception of art in a traditionalist rather than radical manner.

Perhaps, having a clue or 2 about me, this list will in practice expand..

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