hidden sequences of maps?

Was just checking the london underground map. Very influential design and all that.. However, I actually felt that there is something I like about the map.. perhaps not its mapNess, something despite it being a map.
My interest, I think is in the sequences lines have.. The rhythms, the distances – despite them being not as is actually on the ground.. In a sense, and perhaps am exagerating here, but that is how it feels at the moment, the map has “hidden” sequences that are unseen precisely because they make the map up. They are hidden because the document itself is seen as a Map. However, it isn’t a map it is a date of underground trains sequences which were attempted to be maps. While that might be a version that can be applied to other maps as well – perhaps all, as what are the mountains, the roads, the rivers, etc. if not rhythmic sequences – however, I think with the tube map its visible. The map is clearly a metaphor hiding sequences..

london tube sequences?

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