if &#198 and &#230 ??

if Æ
if œ
to denote xNess – sensasion – of elements?


if x as the if of X element
if œ or Æ x as the if of sensing x – the aesthetics of x focused?

ie the operation of aesthetics, or sensing X as X abstract-yet-abstractable-but-IS-actually-X-in-between-Y-and-w/a-that-IS-forNow-X-sensing-X-with-if-hence-other_time-can-BE-an-:@:Ness

if &#192 X -> a_()x -> &#230 Y
can also be
if œ or Æ ? (as in the sensation of being an if?)


i think am making it more complicated than it should be really..

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